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Register for SEEDS Programs International Assistants

Last update: April 6, 2017

SEEDS : Sekai-tekijuku Enhanced Education for Distinguished Students

SEEDS programs are built upon the key educational goals to extend opportunities for self-motivated Japanese high school students in learning advanced sciences and technology by providing them extra curriculum activities at Osaka University. Thanks to the collaboration between the graduate schools and the institutes, we have provided a large number of special lectures, advanced laboratory experiences and international exchange events to cultivate global mindset in learning advanced sciences and technology to those students. Moreover, Japanese/International Osaka University students are very essential parts that bring success to our programs by participating in discussions and by coaching the participants of the SEEDS programs.

SEEDS Programs Assistants

We look for international students to sere as our assistants for the international exchange events. The responsibilities of each assistant include, but not limited to, organize and participate in the events such as group discussions, scientific experiments, and learning events for Japanese high school participants. All communications during the events will be in English so that the participants of the SEDDS programs can improve their communication and critical thinking skills, and expand their global perspectives in learning advanced sciences and technology.

Qualification of Applicants
Date and Time
2-3 hours on Saturday from 14:00 ~
All international assistants who take part in the events will be paid on hourly basis, according to the guideline of Osaka University.
Application method

Applications for each event will be closed one week before the date of the event. Please fill out the google form in this link.

After we consider the balance of nationalities of our assistants, we will determine the final crew list and get back to you again.